28 July 2009

Pulau Tioman

Island of a paradise or better known as Pulau Tioman was our next destination of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 2009. Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf and Spa Resort became our choice to spend with on the island.

There is no doubt that this island is still magnificent with its sandy beaches, natural setting of villages, corals and marine life. We wish that we could spend more time exploring not only its sea life but the island itself. There are so many activities one can do on this tiny island and other islands around it.

The deluxe chalet which is facing the beach and the swimming pool. Magnificent view! There are four swimming pools with different sizes and depth are facing the beach.

Ready for snorkelling and diving trip. Day 2 and day 3 we spent with snorkelling and diving besides canoeing.

What a best way of spending your holiday with mak dan abah relaxing at the beach, chit chatting a lot of things together. In the water ready for the dive. Atuk was so worried to see their cucu-cucu to disappear into the sea.

It was time to unwind and got released from the fatigue of activities with an aromatherapy massage at Ayura Spa & Massage.

Time to back to the real world. Wish that the time stand still...

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